About Us

We help clients identify the underlying organizational factors that cause sluggish growth

Unlike traditional sales training companies that focus narrowly on the sales team, we go deeper to identify the root of the growth problem.

Working with us, you’ll be able to:

  • Identify the root causes of your growth challenges and helps you tackle them head on
  • Boost sales performance and deliver the bottom-line results you need
  • Align your sales processes with your company culture and works seamlessly with your team
  • Work with a partner with a strong track record for achieving revenue growth for clients of all types and sizes
How We Do It

Meet our Founder, Heidi Gray

Heidi Gray is a growth consultant, speaker, and mentor

She is passionate about helping companies achieve their growth potential by unlocking the power of the 200% Company’s proprietary sales acceleration model.

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How We Do It

Equip your business with the know-how to achieve your goals

You know what you want for your business, but  you don’t know how to achieve it. The 200% Company gives your business the toolset to accelerate sales performance and build processes to sustain growth.

We deliver a disciplined, repeatable approach to success

Our approach helps CEOs and business executives responsible for company growth identify internal obstacles and untapped opportunities. Whether you need to build the skills of your in-house talent or require an expert to step in and transform your processes, we will help you implement a plan that highlights your organization’s strengths and eliminates barriers to your success.

360 degree organizational view helps you think Big and Grow Smart

We go deep into your sales challenges to develop a step-by-step game plan for revving up your sales engine and improving sales results.