Keane Tracers

Reignited sales helps owner achieve exit strategy


Keane Tracers, a family-owned financial services business was struggling to reinvent itself and found its people were not up to the challenge. People and Process issues that were not only hindering individual performance, they were interfering with productive team interaction and impeding company growth and profitability.


The 200% Company launched an intensive growth improvement initiative, leading the turnaround process and monitoring progress every step of the way. We re-assigned staff to newly designed roles. Our consultant worked with the CEO to hire new leadership, reorganize the sales organization and build the infrastructure to sustain long-term growth long after the engagement ended. Keane Tracers followed the growth plan we initiated, and with new management in place, the owner was able to successfully execute his exit strategy a few years later.

The 200% Difference

Employee performance improved with reorganization

Owner successfully implements exit strategy in just a few years

Instated new leadership team to take company in new direction